Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Dia de los Muertos altar honoring Rosita Fernandez
Centro de Artes in San Antonio, Texas, 2016


Reanimate III
24" x 24"
fabric, leather, pins

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Old Wounds

I am currently working on a series about trauma, healing, and transformation. The healing aspect was my initial focus, but I realized that in order to discuss healing, I have to address the trauma. So I am opening up some old wounds and properly cleaning them out. Being able to reveal these wounds on my own terms has been really empowering. As the work slowly unravels I am able to recognize the pain, appreciate it, make peace with it. This is the beginning of three fabric assemblages.

Healing and New Growth

I had a leftover nopal hand after carving and hanging my last batch. It had a substantial root system still attached, so I potted it in some soil. I am blown away by how it has regenerated. New baby pads are emerging! I am in the beginning phases of a new assemblage series about trauma, healing, and transformation. And this little hand inadvertently hit the nail on the head.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Take Care

Take Care
11" x 9"
tissue paper, ink, pins, mescal beans in shadowbox

This piece is an ode to relationships.


This bouquet of cactus hands has been decaying in a friend's home for 9 months now.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Precious Dead Things

I started collecting chicharra shells when I was little. During the summer months here in South Texas, these beautiful morphing insects leave behind little "ghosts" all over the place:  fragile, translucent evidence of transformation. I now feel that same awe as I observe the life cycle of plants within my garden. Some leave behind hollow skeletons after they die. And of course, I collect them. I will be assembling a wreath of these precious dead things. 

chicharra or cicada exuvia

clockwise from top: 
mystery seedpods, calla lilies, pitcher plants, 
magnolia seedpod, devil's trumpet
center: easter lily cactus